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Sapporo International Cancer Symposium

Brief History of the Cancer Symposium

The first SCS was successfully held in Sapporo in 1981. In 1983, the SCSF was accredited and registered as a trust fund under the warm support of various business organizations and pharmaceutical firms together with other support from the general public. The SCS became a twice a year event, with a seminar organized in February and July. The seminar in July, under the typical summer climate of Sapporo, is called the "International Symposium on Cancer" (ISC-SCSF) and deals with basic sciences related to cancer.

38th Sapporo International Cancer Symposium 2019
Chairperson : Dr. Sinya Tanaka (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Date : July 11(Thu)-13(Sat), 2019

Theme : Integrated Cancer Analysis : Sciencs creates advanced diagnosis and therapies

program :

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36thAdvanced in Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy
35th Cancer epigenome: from discovery to translation
34th Discovering Cancer Biomarkers, Molecular Targets and Therapeutics through Integrative Omics
33rd Modern Aspect of Human Cancer Stem Cell/Cancer-initiating Cell
32ndAsian School Health Symposium: Beyond Deworming
31stAdvanced Radiation Therapy and Cancer Research Up-to-Date
30thMembrane Traffic and Cancer
29thHelicobacter pylori and Gastric Cancer
28thTGF-β Signaling and Cancer Meething Report
27thGlycomics; New Perspectives in Cancer Cell Behavior Meething Report
26thInnate Immunity in Cancer and Infectious Diseases Meething Report
25thToward Personalized Medicine in Cancer and Other Lifestyle-Related Diseases
24thPharmacogenomics inCancer Chemotherapy:Recent Advances in ABC Transporters and Genome Analyses Meething Report
Meething Report(J)
23rdImmunology-based Targeting Therapy
22ndCancer Epigenetics
21stEpstein-Barr Virus and Human Cancer Meething Report
20thGene-Environment Interaction and Cancer Prevention Meething Report
19thCancer Genomics and Molecular Diagnosis
18thRegulation of Machinery for Cancer Cell Growth, Immortality, Apoptosis and Invasion Meething Report
17thCytoskeleton and G Proteins in the Regulation of Cancer
16thMolecular Mechanisms for Inflammation-promoted Pathogenesis of Cancer Meething Report
15thPsycho-Neuroimmunology and Cancer Meething Report
14thGenetic Polymorphism and Cancer Susceptibility Meething Report
13rdCurrent Strategies of Cancer Chemoprevention Meething Report
12ndOxyradicals and Anti-oxidative Responses in Cancer
11stMolecules in Carcinogenic Processes Meething Report
10thRecent topics in Cancer Research Meething Report
9thCell Differentiation and Cancer Control Meething Report
8thCancer Progression and Metastasis
7thPrimary and Secondary Prevention of Cancer Meething Report
6thViruses, Immunodeficiency, and Human Cancer Meething Report
5thMonoclonal Antibodies: Progress in Cancer Immunology and Clinical Application Meething Report
4thViral Transforming Genes and Oncogenes: Origin, Structure, and Function Meething Report
3rdBiological Responses in Cancer Chemotherapy Meething Report
2ndMembrane-Associated Alterations in Cancer: Biochemical Strategies Against Cancer Meething Report
1stEscape of Tumor cells from Immune Controls Meething Report

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