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For finding a clue to cancer control

The "Sapporo International Cancer Symposium", which has been regularly held in Sapporo as an annual summer-time academic meeting, was first organized in 1981 by the SCSF, with strong desire to create a scientific platform where front-line cancer researchers are to unreservedly discuss various scientific issues of cancer.

In addition to the Summer Symposium that focused on the basic science of cancer, the idea arose of having a Winter Symposium that focused on clinical topics on cancer.

The "Sapporo Winter Cancer Seminar", a professional forum of clinical cancer sciences, commenced in 1987. The Summer and Winter symposiums have provided a sustainable forum for information exchange on cancer for more than thirty years. We, the SCSF, are confident that our activities have continued to stimulate the cancer-related academic scene both in Japan and internationally.

Despite our rigid dedication to our schedule of events, we, the SCSF, maintain a liberal and flexible approach to meeting the changing social demands of the health seeking general public and responding to the realities of world trends. Further development and innovation is required to ensure that the SCSF's activities continue to place this unique foundation as one of the leading organizations handling cancer-related topics. I would highly appreciate it if you kindly extend your assistance and support us.


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